About Us

MISKO is a sustainable beachwear brand, designed by two friends who love to explore the summer.

A sustainable beachwear brand, made from recycled materials and entirely produced in Portugal, based on the concept of slow fashion.

Created for relaxed women who make summer their "explorer" of life, MISKO was born in the midst of a pandemic with a dream. The Liberty.

We want to encourage women to use their MISKO in the most beautiful places in Portugal.

On the beach, by the pool, at sunsets, at late-afternoon dinners with no time to end, in the look of the suit, or the look of the jeans.

MISKO is about making female beauty uncomplicated.

It was designed by us, ethically thought to make a difference and totally ready to shine on your bodies.

This is how MISKO was born.

Make It Sustainable, Keep Oceans.